Proposal project objective

Increase audience - Increase target customer reach and response

Increase overall sales - Through continued coordination with merchandising/buying team and content strategies

Increase sales during promotional push strategies

Optimize functionality of content - Cost effectively and interactively


Metrics to measure success of strategy

Sales figures during strategy push, growth, before and after

Social media audience growth

What is already an amazing social media presence can continue its growth through native content strategies that call the audience to action, engage them, and utilize the interactivity of the platforms.

Social Media marketing campaign - increasing drive directly from Instagram, twitter and Facebook to the online site through interactive and participative content.  

Schedule posts 2 to 3 times daily specific to the promotion, measure sales relative to these times to gain an insight into the promotions efficacy.



Left or Right

"Get you a girl who can do both, left or right?"

"What kind of girl are you?"

Tag a friend

"Tag an influencer who should be wearing this"

"Tag someone that would look good in this"

"Tag someone who would be lucky to see you wearing this"


Name the Style - #casualcool, #playeddownperfection#CrazyCurvyCool

“Facebookers!  Style is subjective and personal, we call this “work/play/slay” what do you call it?

#gametime #summerslay #labordaylit #summersquad


Content (should be):

- Multi-platform, multi-media (still images, video and GIFs)

- Interactive and participative

- Align with buyers anticipated best sellers, stock, seasonality and existing editorial calendar (example; Welcome to the jungle, Independence day/independent girl).

- with good Graphic Copy and call to action, "FASHION NOVA" Save 20% on these new styles"

In addition to generating new content, optimizing how we use a continually growing archive of imagery.

GIFs can be a great way to use existing imagery to create engaging content, without the production of additional photo shoots.

#BTS (Behind the scenes) is a popular hashtag because it is good reassuring content.  Here we can show edited BTS imagery featuring available styles, that continues current merchandising goals, and builds connections with our audience.

Content Concepts

- Including the names of smart campaign themes can be a way to further build community and engage audience

CLICK HERE - See GIF below


CRAZY CURVY COOL - Plus sized model editorial content for GIF, video and Stills

- Curve Content, #NovaCurve, plus size editorial content for all platforms


PLANT-BASED - See below


STARS AND STRIPES - Editorial Still life (for accessories) and on-figure GIF, Video and Stills featuring products with Stars and Stripes in them.  In anticipation of 4th of July 17




Collaboration Push

"Looking for the bright and bold of Instagram.  If you are an influencer with a following contact us at"

Reach out to influencers, and invite them to the studio for images.  Cross promote through their accounts, FashionNovas, and magazine style accounts, e.g. additionelle


New Faces

Using existing relationships, and developing new ones with LA based model agencies, make content using developing and new models/faces.  There is already an editorial story and some affinity with the audience - aspiring models.  Photograph the models in FashionNova styles, tag and include the agencies.




Listen to the Audience, what do they want?  By responding to the audience we can make them feel invested.

Plus sized models - models that reflect the body shapes of all women

Non-photoshopped non-airbrushed -  Using various techniques, frequency separation or a specific type of skin and figure retouching I have developed through use with leading brands, we can give the audience what they want without compromising FashionNova's aesthetic.

To participate - comments about shipping and orders can be redirected from IG to a specific email address, "This platform is not optimized for order related questions please email @FashionNova and we will be happy to help!".  This can help to free up the various platforms for the kind of interactivity we do want to promote - tagging others, positive comments


Producing content that aligns with merchandising and buying strategies, optimizing this content for specific platforms, and engaging the audiences on those platforms can be a smart an efficient way to continue the growth and success of what is becoming a phenomenon of a brand.